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 ·         All subject headings should be taken from the Library of Congress Authorities

·         Names should be included as subject headings

·         As many subject headings should be included as necessary

·         The main 3 Subject Headings should be :

1.      Winston Salem State University

2.      Function within the University (ex. Winston Salem State University. Office of Academic Affairs)

3.      Names associated with the article


·         Names associated with the article should be the first keywords (ex. Smith, Jane)

·         Keywords should be taken first from the UNESCO Thesaurus

·         If relevant keywords are not available in the UNESCO Thesaurus, they can be taken from the Getty AAT Vocabulary

·         At least 3 keywords should be associated with each newspaper clipping

** The Subject Headings and Keywords should be written on a slip of paper and paperclipped to the article

Subject Guide

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