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O'Kelly Library Orientation: Mission & Goals

This libguide will take you through some of the many services offered here at O'Kelly Library.

Library Calendar

Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

The O’Kelly Library supports and enhances all Winston-Salem State University programs through its relevant, diverse, and current local collection and through resources beyond the library via interlibrary loan, and through various electronic services. Information requirements of distant users are met. The staff instructs and assists users with all aspects of library services to foster and instill life-long learning. A readily accessible computerized index is maintained of all library holdings and other appropriate records. Sufficient auxiliary services and equipment are maintained at all times to respond to user needs. The staff strives to preserve resources and provide for archiving of university records and related documents.

Goals for library services

  • To offer sufficient services and access to information so that students have a successful learning experience at the university. 
    • Student demand often dictates the latest service enhancement.
  • To offer adequate on-and off-campus access to information. 
    • This focus is a major consideration when new information is purchased ensuring that all groups have equal access. 
  • To infuse information literacy across the curriculum ensuring that the university graduates information literate students
  • To provide access to reliable  current technology with sufficient assistance to ensure that all users have a successful learning outcome
  • To provide customer friendly services