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Behavioral Sciences and Social Work: Social Work Journal Titles

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Below is a short list of Social Work Journals available through O'Kelly Library. For additional Social Work Journals go to the libraries home page and search journals and Social Work.

1.            Administration in Social Work

2.            Affilia

3.            American Journal of Orthopsychiatry

4.            British Journal of Social Work

5.            Child Abuse and Neglect

6.            Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal

7.            Children and Youth Services Review

8.            Child Welfare

9.            Clinical Social Work Journal

10.          European Journal of Social Work

11.          Families in Society

12.          Health and Social Work

13.          Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in

14.          Social Work

15.          Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services

16.          Journal of Gerontological Social Work7

17.          Journal of Homosexuality

18.          Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

19.          Journal of Social Service Research

20.          Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare

21.          Journal of Social Work Education

22.          Journal of Technology in Human Services

23.          Psychoanalytic Social Work

24.          Research on Social Work Practice

25.          The Social Service Review

26.          Social Work

27.          Social Work Education

28.          Social Work in Healthcare

29.          Social Work Research

30.          Social Work with Groups

For additional journal titles enter social work into the journal link from the libraries home page, or click here.