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REL3311: The Black Church: Online Tutorial


The Begin Research Module will be looking at:

  • Assignement creation
  • Topic Creation
  • Keyword search
  • Revelant Resources 

The Knowledge Cycle Module will review:

  • Information Cycle
  • Information Timeline
  • Research Cycle
  • Types of Sources
  • Scholarly Information

The Find Books Module will review:

  • Catalog Basics
  • Search Catalog
  • Use Call Numbers
  • Subject Searching 

The Find Articles Module will review:

  • Basics 
  • Access 
  • Search Strategies

The Basic Module will review:

  • Boolean Operators
  • Truncation
  • Limitors
  • Sorting 

The Advanced Search Module will review:

  • Subject Headings
  • Field Searching 
  • Different Databases

Pathfinder Tutorial

Contact Information

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Thomas Flynn
C.G. O'Kelly Library

Room 149